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Scanning in Malvern

Scan to file is the capability to scan an image, document, drawing or graphic and save to a file type which is computer readable (digital file). The most common files we scan documents to are PDF, TIFF and JPEG and we can email the files, save to CD / DVD or USB memory stick, or if there are large amounts of data or files we can use Dropbox or a similar cloud storage. We can scan from 100 to 600DPI.

Scanned documents can save the need to keep hard copies of documents, saving space, and time can also be saved searching for documents if they are converted to a text recognition file which is another service we offer. Digital files from the scanned originals, such as building plans or landscaping plans, can be used in software packages and altered without the need of redrawing the whole plan.

Scanning original documents is helping to reduce our carbon footprint by giving us the ability to email data instead of sending information by post/courier, saving the need to print, and preserving an old document as a digital file instead of storing the originals.

We can scan in colour or monochrome from A6 to images 1.06m wide and any length up to 6m.

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